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#623 – Dick Bernard: “Radio Silence”; Franco-Fete; Le Vent du Nord; and Lori Sturdevant

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

For the past few, and for the next few days, this blog will be relatively inactive. The primary activity for this blogger is to help make a success of a major Minneapolis-St. Paul event called Franco-Fete which can be read about here, here and here.

Succinctly, Franco-Fete is in four distinct parts: Friday evening Sep 28, at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Minneapolis; Saturday during the day, and in the evening, at DeLaSalle High School on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis; and Sunday Sep 30 at noon into mid-afternoon at St. Boniface Catholic Church in northeast Minneapolis. All details are at the above websites.

For anyone with even a small interest in things French or French-Canadian, Franco-Fete will be an stimulating and interesting time.

8 1/2×11 event poster here: Poster (letter-size, image) (r03)-1


Of course, life goes on in the larger world of politics, etc.

For everyone, Lori Sturdevant in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune writes a column “How do we break down our walls?” that is well worth reading.

Here’s to civil conversation – as impossible as it seems to be!