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#694 – Dick Bernard: Guns, yet again.

Recently, it seems, I’m fixated on Guns. Mebbe so. It is an important topic. (Additional recent posts at Feb. 3 and Feb. 19, 2013) I’m an active blogger; this is #694 since March, 2009. Put the letters “Guns” in the search box, and up pop 27 blogposts which apparently use the letters “guns” somewhere within […]


#666 – Dick Bernard: Newtown, to those who'd like to help change the conversation about Guns in America

If you’re interested in making a difference in this guns-in-America conversation, here are some thoughts: Yes, it is Christmas time, and preparations take center stage such as each of us prepare for our own family rituals at this season. Christmas is often a confusing time, desperately depressing for many, far too much ‘noise’ and competing […]