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#1104 – Dick Bernard: Revisiting "The Bones of Plenty"; and Lois Phillips Hudson's Reflective Testimony to Ourselves and Coming Generations: "Unrestorable Habitat: Microsoft Is My Neighbor Now".

UPDATE May 1, 2016: The official Lois Phillips Hudson website is here. UPDATE Feb. 27, 2016: Six pages from North Dakota State University (Fargo) Archives, Feb. 23, 2016. Hudson NDSU Arch001Mrs. Hudson taught at NDSU 1967-69. * In 1962, Lois Phillips Hudson published “The Bones of Plenty”. A New York Times Book Review commentary said […]


“Good mornin’ America how are ya?….”

Thinking of our now complete voyage to the northwest and a piece of California and Colorado, I kept thinking of the toe-tapper, City of New Orleans.  Listen to Arlo Guthrie sing Steve Goodman’s 1971 song here. We spent our 14 days nowhere near New Orleans, and rode the rails near 50 years after the song […]


#1157 – Dick Bernard: Two Books Well Worth a Read: Shawn Otto's "The War on Science"; and Lois Phillips Hudson's "Unrestorable Habitat"

Back in January a mysterious e-mail appeared in my in-box from someone named Cynthia. She had googled the name Lois Phillips Hudson to see if anything would come up, and found me. More on Mrs. Hudson’s book, “Unrestorable Habitat“, “below the fold”… (click to enlarge photos) A few months later came an invitation to hear […]


#565 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #15. The Political Conversation

I had a dream overnight – this is literally true – of living in what seemed to be a somewhat primitive society somewhere where people, whether ordinary or high and mighty, had identical rights to have good ideas and actually possessed the possibility of having these ideas considered without threat of ridicule or worse. The […]


#499 – Dick Bernard: Political Communication; Communication in the U.S. Political Sphere

This mornings e-mail brought a most interesting post from Just Above Sunset (JAS), one of my favorite bloggers. Today’s post, Longing for Vigilante’s, concerns Politics and the Communications Profession. It is quite long, but worth the read, and accessible here*. I filed an off-the-cuff comment (later in this post, certainly a “rant”), and the entire […]