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Index to Outside the Walls Ideas

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January 2002-June 2002
1. January 2002: On the Challenge of Change
2. February Who pays for Public Education
3. March Relationship: On being "dropped like a hot potato"
4. April Staying connected
5. May The smallest Public Relations might mean the most
6. June Don't forget those alumni
August 2002-December 2002
7. August Person-to-Person: The Effective Communication
8. September The importance of a real live contact person
9. October Imperfection: a blessing, not a curse?
10. November Connecting with Senior Citizens
11. December An idea for helping with the Holiday Blues
January 2003-May 2003
12. January 2003 Seeing the obvious - a learning at the Stratosphere
13. February Public Celebration of Public Schools
14. March Importance of Connecting with Pre-School Parents
15. April Columbine: their - and any - school tragedy impacts on you
16. May Cleaning up the school Public Relations mess - a team effort
July 2003-December 2003
17. July The importance of the 'good school' feeling
18. Aug-Sep Taking the "missed" out of "missed opportunity"
19. October Celebrating American Education Week each November
20. November Making a school need into a benefit for the entire community
21. December Remembering an "olden days" school-community partnership
January 2004-May 2004
22. January 2004 Building Relationships Outside the Walls
23. February How people get their information
24. March Elements of Winning
25. April Acknowledgment vs Evasion - guaranteeing a loss
26. May A granddaughter's graduation from high school
August 2004-December 2004
27. August Whose mess?
28. September What about those retired employees?
29. October Using available opportunities for public relations
30. November The bottleneck: blocked at the top
31. December A former Governor talks about schools with community
January 2005-May 2005
32. January 2005 A commencement, and a missed opportunity
33. February Noticing and engaging the obvious allies
34. March A Gathering on the Capitol Steps
35. April Red Lake and the community of humanity
36. May "Rules minus Relationship equals Rebellion"
August 2005-December 2005
37. August Looking for the "Needle in the Haystack"
38. September Importance of follow-through: "I'm making a list..."
39. October Using American Education Week Outside the Walls
40. Nov-Dec The Bequest
January 2006-May 2006
41. January 2006 Results, "Bells and Whistles" and the Nitty Gritty
42. February Customer Service
43. March Don't count anyone out: A Monet Moment
44. April The Cover Story
45. May Planning Ahead...and Looking for Your Best Talent
August 2006-December 2006
46. August 2006 The "Little Things" [do] "Mean a Lot"
47. September 2006 More on the "Little Things": Passing a referendum
48. October 2006 American Education Week
49. November 2006 "Is This a Welcome?"
50. December 2006 Winning by Polls?
January 2007-May 2007
51. January: Special Friend Day: The Ripple Effect
52. February: How About "VIKing" We Outsiders?
53. March: TMVW: Visiting the (Uncomfortably) Obvious
54. April: Championship Calibre
55. May: The Importance of Two Little Words
August 2007-February 2008
56. August: Two Beets...and Relationships
57. September 2007: Visioning Visionaries Below the Pinnacle
58. October 2007: A Community Conversation
59. February: Adieu

Additional Resources

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A letter from the President

Summary of research and commentary on Nov. 5, 2002 Minnesota School Bond and Levy Referendums (click here)

Referendum 2001: A Look Back to the Future, published in May-June, 2002, Journal of the Minnesota School Boards Association. click here

Supplemental data on 2001 and prior referendums. Click here.

Websites recommended, but not affiliated with, the Outside the Walls program:
www.minnspra.org (Minnesota School Public Relations Association)

www.nspra.org (National School Public Relations Association)

www.parentsunited.org (local public school advocacy group)

www.america-tomorrow.com/bracey (information about public education)